Thursday, 4 April 2013

Doctor - Patient Communication, Stage 2 - Taking a History

We are happy to present the second in our 'doctor-patient communication' series.
Each patient case history is broken down into 5 key stages:
2. Taking a History (PMH, DH, FH, SH)
4. Investigations & Treatment
5. Follow-up

Following on from the opening exchange, Dr Jones asks Jim more questions about the following:
  • Past Medical History (PMH) - significant medical conditions (heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc) in the past and present, and any surgery/operations  in the past
  • Drug History (DH) - current and recent medication, any history of allergies
  • Family History (FH) - significant medical conditions of close/immediate family such as parents, siblings (brothers & sisters) and children
  • Social History (SH) - can include lifestyle factors such as smoking, alcohol intake, marital status, occupation, diet, exercise, substance abuse/recreational drug use, sexual activity and home circumstances

After you have watched the video take the 10-question comprehension quiz below:

If the above quiz box doesn't load, click here: Stage 2 - Taking A History (abdo pain) » online testing

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